Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marva Holiday's MySpace

I have discovered many things from MySpace this year. One of those discoveries was that the singer and songwriter Marva Holiday is pursuing a laudable project.

Marva says:

I continue to interview old school artists, both known and unknown, in an effort to help document R&B/do-wop/gospel/jazz history. Since I grew up in Southern California, it's easiest to start with artists from that area. -- Northern Soul fans will probably be more familiar with these artists than the general public. However, anyone who likes to know more about artists who came of age "back in the day" will enjoy reading these interviews.

Interviews in my blog:

Tony Lytle, former trombonist, with The Seven Souls.

Weldon Allen, former lead singer of The Magnificents.

I look forward to her project developing.

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