Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deep City 2

The guys over at Numero Uno keep turning out the gear - here's another blast from Miami following on from the first delve into the Deep City vaulta last year.

An essential chapter of Miami soul -- even if most of the work is appearing here for the first time ever! The set is a magnificent companion to Numero's Deep City collection of pre-TK Miami soul -- but it's put together in such a way that it's almost a beautiful introduction to the south Florida sound on its own -- served up in a batch of rare, unreleased tracks! The music is every bit as wonderful as you'd expect -- Miami soul recorded at a time before cliches had started to hit that scene -- and when the best artists down south were strongly resonating ideas from Memphis and Muscle Shoals with other elements borrowed from northern groups both funky and mellow. But even above the 20 great tracks on the CD, the package is amazing too -- filled with notes on each group, a special appendix on Miami soul, a rare indie label discography, and a wealth of great images and photos -- all layered lovingly into a full-color, 32 page booklet! Numero have really outdone themselves with this one -- and the collection is way more than a part 2 to their previous package -- more of a brilliant set of soul tunes on its own, complete with a booklet that's as beautiful as the music. Titles include "One Little Piece" by The Rollers, "Don't Be Surprised" by Lynn Williams, "No Way Out" by Clarence Reid, "What's In The Lovin" by Helene Smith, "Mr Lucky" by Betty Wright, "There Goes My Baby" by James Knight & The Butlers, "Do What You're Doin" by The Rising Sun, "Do Your Stuff" by Perk Badger, "Masterpiece" by Deep City Band, "Nasty Dog (part 2)" by The Nasty Dog Catchers, "Thank You Baby" by Betty Wright, "Your Love Won't Let Me Leave You" by Snoopy Dean, "The Pot Can't Talk About The Kettle" by Helene Smith, "Show Me What You Got" by Frank Williams & The Rocketeers, "Don't Be A Fool" by Clarence Reid, and "Knockin At The Wrong Door" by The Rollers. Dusty Groove

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