Monday, December 31, 2007

Soul Discovery Top 30 2007

I have just posted Mick's guest's Top 10s for 2007 and now Mick has sent me yesterday's playlist featuring his Top 30 for 2007.

Top 30 Choices on Soul Discovery For 2007
30. Tad Robinson “Ain’t That Loving You” (Severn)
29. Sir Charles Jones “Just Cant Let Go” (Mardi Gras)
28. The Embers “The Last Time I’m Saying Goodbye” (Bluewater)
27. O’Flava PSI “No High When She’s Gone” (Music Vision)
26. Vick Allen “The Same Thing” (Waldoxy)
25. David Sea “Let’s Just Get Together” (Shotgun) 7'
24. Floyd Taylor “You Still Got It” (Malaco)
23. Bigg Joe “Running Back To Me” (Baby Boy)
22. Oxyxi Feat Terrence Forsythe “Spell Bound” (N2)
21. Bar-Kays Feat Shirley Brown “We Can’t Stay Together” (Rightnow)
20. Ronnie McNeir “What Goes Around Comes Back Around” (Jupiter Island)
19. Butch Williams “Keep On Lovin’ Me The Way You Do” (Star Gazer)
18. Euge Groove Feat Jeffrey Osborne “Baby If You Only Knew” (Narada Jazz)
17. J. Blackfoot Feat Sir Charles Jones “I’m Just A Fool For You” (Rightnow)
16. Vee Allen “Let’s Pretend To Be Lovers” (Leland)
15. Bobby Hutton “Twenty Years Later” (Selecta) 7'
14. Clifford Thompson “Back Don’t Hold Back” (Goldwax)
13. Lola “Wash Your Hands” (Wilbe)
12. Parker “This World’s Gone Mad” (Moe Soul)
11. Bonves “Smooth” (Bathubmusic)
10. Ann Nesby “I Apologise” (Shanachie)
9. Patrick Harris “Missin’ Your Love” (Lyn-Rome)
8. John Martin “There’s No I In We” (Nitram)
7. Father’s Children “If I” (FC Music)
6. Kashious “Bad Luck” (Gordon)
5. Howard Hewett “Can You Feel Me” (Machine Production)
4. Ruby Baker “Motions Of Love” (Nivel)
3. Rene Jones “Show Me The Way” (Midoice)
2. Hermon Histon “The Heart” (Sweetrose)
1. Oak III “I Can’t Say No” (New Rhyme)
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