Friday, December 14, 2007

Roni The Sexy Lady Of Southern Soul

Roni Mr Right Snippet from CD Come Back Kind Of Love

I mentioned in a post on The Millen Sisters that I was drawing up my Top 20 for the year and another side which will be going in is this one from Roni.

This is Roni's bio from her MySpace

Born January 25th and raised in Mendenhall, MS Rhonda is not a mere amateur to the music scene. She began her singing at the age of 5 in her home church choir well into adulthood. Rhonda first came on the music scene as a background singer for Nathaniel Kimble then went on to background for Sir Charles Jones "The King of Southern Soul," the legendary Bobby Rush, and the amazing "Jazzy Jeff Floyd."

During this time she opened for a number of different artists on a number of shows from the year of 1995 when she first won a talent show in Vicksburg, MS until presently.

Some of you may remember Rhonda from the song "Fool On My Hands," that she says she just wanted to see what it would do over the air waves and it did, it is was hot then and still is now, the song is included on her new album.
Roni with James Smith, Jerry L & Bill Coday in Memphis
Rhonda acquired many relationships throughout her career with many artists sealing the deal for her to get any professional help needed to advance in her career.

She prides herself with the accomplishments she has made despite some downfalls along the way that she soon overcame when she was introduced to the owner of the record label "Allison Records," in Nashville , TN and this is when she says her career was really born and that it was her time to shine.

Rhonda says now she has someone that believes in her, took her love of singing and music seriously, and knows that she is a rising star in this industry, the famous chittlin' circuit.

Debuting her long awaited album entitled "Call Me." Also on the full album she says she wrote (Can't Stop A Good Thang') from experiences of all the obstacles that she faced in getting to where she is now, she shows extraordinary strength in showing everyone that when you got it, nothing or no one can stop a good thang'.

Rhonda introduces you, the fans to her heart and her dreams as well as her thoughts. She is not afraid to show her many qualities that have left the men mesmerized with her voice and beauty. As for the ladies Rhonda has songs that speak for us all with her true and meaningful writing skills.

With an array of musical talent, beauty, and respectful yet challenging persona Rhonda is more than qualified to carry the title "Sexy Lady of Southern Soul"!


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Hi thank you so much for such a beautiful blog about me....Roni

    But I have one correction.....the snippets are from my new album "Come Back Kind of Love"

    Luv Luv

  2. Hi Roni

    Thanks for dropping by!!!!

    Sorry about the mistake!!!

    Take care and Merry Xmas!!!