Monday, December 31, 2007

Mark Wood Jr

I came across Mark Wood Jr's MySpace and found out that the lead singer with Lakeside had issued an album last year which I had missed.

You can hear tracks off the album on CD Baby.

Here's what Mark has to say about himself:

Original & current lead vocalist/founding member of Lakeside.

Mark Adam Wood, jr. has been around the entertainment industry for over 30 years. he started singing at age 3 in church choirs. his career started in the land of funk music, dayton, ohio in 1969.

Mark Wood began as lead vocalist in a singing group called the nomads. next the nomads, mark, and stephen shockley decided to form a self-contained band, the nomads & the young underground which later became the Lakeside Express and evolved into the lengendary funk band known all over the world as Lakeside.

Lakeside received standing ovations in such venues as radio city, music hall, madison square garden, the rose bowl, greek theatre, the chicago theatre, philly dell east, mza, japan, and national at the art theatre in nigeria.his 1st recording experience occurred in chicago when he was introduced to curtis mayfield through eddie thomas, as a kid. later in california, mark met a great producer named frank wilson from motown who released their ballad on abc records.

Shortly thereafter, mark met his mentor, a man named dick griffy from solar records who published their 1st songs. in result of this friendship were recorded 5 gold cds 1 platinum cd and multiple tv shows including sinbad's hbo summer jam 2, bet live, soul train, ab-d clark, mtv and vh1. his recordings were also played in motion pictures such as south central, eddie with whoopi goldberg, and sinbad's movie the first kid where the president's son learns to dance to mark wood's most successful recording, the classic "fantastic voyage."

Mark Wood also recorded a live cd before 15,000 people and toured as special guest star of the budweiser super fest, 3 consecutive years. his numerous tours also include the solar galaxy of stars, africa, europe, a live remote from rotterdam to all of holland, u.s. military tour in germany, from berlin to stuttgart and japan from sapporo to tokyo.

In 2005, mrkystar productions and stargate productions lifelong friend (william shelby, songwriter of "and the beat goes on", "second time around", "it's a love thang" and many more) teamed up to produce mark's first solo cd, "the adventures of mrkystar." william shelby collaborated with mark on most of the songs on the cd. in this project mark describes an extension of his alter ego, a nomadic interplanetary time traveler whose message of love and funky adventures bring earth and the cosmos together to save the milky way beyond. this alter ego with an interplanetary flare becomes the social & soulful voice for the multi global movement.

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