Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ruby Andrews & Gloria Lynne

I was checking out Swamp Dogg's site and thought I'd remind people of this excellent CD collection on the ladies.

Ruby Andrews shows off her southern soul vocal expertise under the guidance of Swamp Dogg. These tracks only prove that she is not only the genius rhythm and blues vocalist who gave the world seven Billboard chart hits, between 1968 and 1971, that included Casanova,The Love I Need, You Made A Believer Out Of Me, Everybody Saw You and You Ole Boo Boo You. Her performances here clearly qualifies her with other southern soul divas such as Denise Lasalle, Shirley Brown, Betty Lavette and Betty Wright.

Gloria Lynne, who has always been ranked in the same league with great jazz divas, such as Nancy Wilson, Dakota Staton, Sarah Vaughn and Peggy Lee,etc., journeyed to Capricorn studio in Macon, Georgia with Wally Roker and Frank Clark at the suggestion of Swamp Dogg. Once there, they utilized the genius southern-boogie rhythm section that made hits for Swamp Dogg, Doris Duke, Irma Thomas, Arthur Conley, Wet Willie, Cowboy, Livingston Taylor, Martin Mull, Oscar Toney, Jr., etc. This was Gloria’s first venture in to southern funk. Nevertheless, it came off great and garnered critical acclaim. Gloria maintained her vocal sophistication while applying an equal dose of funky r’n’b. Swamp Dogg


1. I Want To Rock With You Baby
2. Since I Met You
3. Que Pasa
4. To The Other Woman (I’m The Other Woman)
5. Kiss This
6. Lovey Dovey w/ Swamp Dogg
7. Throw Some More Dirt On Me(The Shacking Song)
8. Loving You #449. I Got What I Want At Home
10. As In Always

Gloria Lynne
11. Whatever It was You Just Did
12. How Did You Make Me Love You
13. Can You Take What I’m Gonna Do
14. If You Don’t Get It Yourself
15. I Just Gotta Tell Somebody
16. Love’s Finally Found Me
17. What Else Can I Do
18. Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
19. Don’t Tell Me How To Love You
20. I’m So In Love
21. I’ll Take You All The Way There

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