Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Chants

One of my other interests is the local culture and history of the region where I live. One publication I always watch out for is Diverse, a publication dedicated to celebrating Liverpool's black history.

In the most recent edition, there was a very interesting article on the The Chants who were one of the UK's first black harmony groups. A former Chant, Joe Ankrah, traces the group's history from their founding in 1961 until 1974. The article underlines the historical significance of the group in the history of music in Liverpool but also in the wider context of the development of black music in the UK. The article contains some previously unpublished photographs and fascinating memories from Joe Ankrah on the challenges of being a black artist in Liverpool in the 1960's.

You can get a copy by contacting Fortis Media who are based in Liverpool.

I still intend on tracing the musical history of Liverpool in my blog, Soul Of Liverpool. I have done some research and have taken many photos. As ever time is in short supply!!!!

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