Saturday, December 09, 2006

Matadors Say Yes Baby Chavis

Once again, there were a few groups with the name of the Matadors. There was a group on Eko, another on Jamie and one with a lead singer called Harold Bass who recorded for Keith and also backed Jackie Wilson on his Brunswick outing "She's Allright". There is also the group who recorded a Bull and The Matadors and had 3 sides on the Chicago label Toddlin' Town.

The version of the Matadors on Chavis appear to have had only one release back in 1963 and it is a lovely piece of old-fashioned soul.


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    The line-up for the Chavis group was Monroe Tucker ( 2nd tenor ) Umar Hassan El, (lead) Lonny Wise ( lead ) Robert Moxley ( 1st tenor ) Ronald Leatherbury ( baritone ) and Phillip Thomas ( bass )

    Andy Rix

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Outstanding group (Leatherbury singing family