Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fifth Dimension Wedding Bell Blues 1969

More pop than soul but who cares? The Fifth Dimension made some classy songs which still sound good today. Their "Age Of Aquarius" is one of those 60's tunes which remind me of sitting in my backyard in Birkenhead dreaming of California.

The ultimate appeal of the group is definitely enhanced by the talent of Marilyn McCoo who nowadays sings gospel.
I was rummaging around on You Tube trying to find "Friends Of Distinction clip when I came across their version of Laura Nyro's "Wedding Bell Blues" which was part of one of those appealing, frothy US programmes in the 60's.

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  1. Yes, this brings back some fond memories. It was in the UK charts when I was 15 and just getting into Motown and Soul big time, in 1970. Black pop? - sure but a great melody nonetheless, and very well sung.