Saturday, December 16, 2006

Willie Hutch Slick

It is nearly 18 months since we lost the immense talent of Willie Hutch. There are now several clips on You Tube of Willie Hutch performing to remind us of what we lost. A true musical genius and "Slick" is one of those beautiful mellow numbers which reflects his genius.

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  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I was fortunate to spend the last year and a half in the life of Willie Hutch with him. I was and old friend from the 70's and he came back into my life. It was diabetes which ravished his body and place him in an early grave. But, he lived to tell stories of 30 men and had no regrets. He was a kind and generous spirit. Willie knew he had a death sentence with his health. But he lived life to the fullest, traveling, golfing, fishing and vacationing in New Orleans until the end. I remember his anticipation of the release of the "tribute to Luther Vandross" featuring one of his songs, "Superstar" on September 20th. Little did we know that he would pass over before that day came. I miss you, old friend. Now you may rest in peace.