Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gene McDaniels Another Tear Falls

One of the most appealing clips I have come across on You Tube this week is by Gene McDaniels. The track is called "Another Tear Falls" and was a hit for him and the clip is from a UK 1962 movie called "It's Trad Dad" in which he sings the song.

He is an interesting singer who later developed his own unique style which is hard to categorise with albums such as "Outlaw" and "Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse" and he is well known as a song writer for Roberta Flack and Merry Clayton. Checkout a discography at Soulful Kinda Music.

You can read more about him on a Rhino Records Podcast or read a recent interview with him on Spotlight magazine or visit his website Genepool but please start with the video below which is pure early soul.


  1. Great clip. I saw "It's Trad Dad" once many years ago on BBC2. Although I don't remember the Gene McDaniels bit I do remember that another Gene is in it. Gene Vincent sings something about little green men, if I recall,not a particularly good song but GV looked great. Craig Douglas and Helen Shapiro were the films stars.
    The Walker Brothers did a cover of Another Tear Falls.
    Walk With A Winner is my favourite Gene McDaniels song.

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    i was looking for an mp3 of another tear falls. any suggestions?