Saturday, December 02, 2006

Precisions My Lover Come Back D-Town

"My Lover Come Back" is one of those truly magical sides from Detroit recorded in 1964 telling a wistful tale of lost love. I don't think that this side has appeared on CD to date though the flipside "I Wanna Tell My Baby" has made it because it did receive plays on the Northern Soul scene. If you go to Soulful Detroit, you can read Graham Finch's excellent feature on Detroit maestro Mike Hanks. Graham tells the story of the recording of "My Lover Come Back" and how the lead singer Arthur Ashford got those beautiful echoing vocals on to disc.

I have posted before on the Precisions when a version of the group came over to the UK earlier this year for the Prestatyn Weekender. You can read more about the group on Soulful Detroit's archives. You can also see video of the group performing at the Prestatyn Weekender over on YouTube. Soulgirl who posted the video of the group also has a blog called The Soul Girl which is well worth dropping by.

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