Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lainie Hill Ain't I Worth A Dime New Voice

There are some records which occupy a special place in your affections. Lainie Hill's "Time Marches On" is one such record because it always reminded me of the clock ticking away at an allnighter when it got plays. It summed up the fact that dawn was approaching and the night was ending and we would be caste out into the cold morning air.

There was nothing worse than the cutting wind rushing around the Wigan Casino on a winter's morning heralding the beginning of coming back down. A feeling only compouded by waiting on Wigan North Western Station for a train home on which every bump and jolt sent anguish through your body racked by the diminishing effects of amphetamines. No wonder we would search out the swimming baths, one of the few places open on a Sunday in 70's wigan, to have a cup of tea and get warm while trying to keep the night going chatting to your mates.

In recent years, I have always played the other side of Lainie Hill's record "Ain't I Worth A Dime" and after playing it around my wife Barbara for so long it has become one of her favourites. A haunting record from NY by a woman I know absolutely nothing about.

I always smile when I see the publishing credits - "Saturday Music" - too right!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    You might want to check out my Dynovoice / New Voice/ Crewe / Maxwell tribute page:

    Your articles on Billie Dearborn and Laine Hill are great..two of the greatests singles on the label. I've been collecting the label for years.

    That's the explaination for the " Time Marches On" at the begining of the Young Birds Fly Trailer. It's from this single!

    Leonardo Flores

  2. Hi Leonardo

    Thanks for the link - very interesting - love the graphics - all those 45's are fascinating to a vinyl freak!!!



  3. I am also haunted by no information on lainie hill love that song and one day hope to hear the b side.