Monday, March 06, 2006

Billy Lamont Update

Cover of Blues & Rhythm magazine featuring Billy Lamont in the main photo.

I have to thank Dave Porter of Vivid Sounds UK for telling me about an excellent article on Billy Lamont in Blues & Rhythm magazine Issue 157 March 2001 after reading my blog.

The article is written by Dan Kochakian and is based on an interview with Billy which confirms he is the same artist who recorded for Savoy, Okeh, King etc as well as working with Johnny Brantley in the 60's.

The article turns up a few missing pieces on Johnny which I will build into an update on him after I finishing transcribing what Freddie Terrell and Hermon Hitson recollected about the guy.
You can get a copy from Blues & Rhythm

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  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Hi Have you found out any info on Billy Lamont i am one of his biggest fans. I wanted to do a interview on him. If you have any info or contact information it would be greatly appreciated. I know he has big sales in the UK.