Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mavis Staples Interview

Cover of 1994 HDH CD Mavis Staples

The Italian website La Pellenera has interesting an interview with Mavis Staples in which she discusses a wide range of topics.

I picked her 1994 CD for Brian and Eddie Holland to illustrate the post, which seemed to slip out with little publicity and was not that easy to find. It is a collection of recordings made in the early 80's. My favourite track of the album is "Love Gone Bad" which was originally a 45 issused in 1983.

You can find an interview on Miss Funky Flyy's site in which Mavis talks about working with the Holland brothers. Check out Miss Funky Flyy's site for the rest of the interview with Mavis. Miss Funky Flyy was one the first people on the Net to build up a collection of interviews with artists most of which are still available on her site. It is shame that she still doesn't conduct interviews because I used to enjoy them.

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