Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mark Murphy Why Don't You Do Right? Riverside

An atmospheric shot of Mark Murphy and Ella Fitzgerald circa 63/64?

I often dig back in to the 60's jazz. This wonderful cover version of the Peggy Lee song is a mixture of Cuban style, cha cha with a swirling strings which sound like a synth but this 1962 but is ageless. What tops it off is Mark Murphy's vocals and the girl backing singers which make for such a memorable tune which also has a dirty sax solo straight out of R&B in the centre which only adds to the attraction. Just try and stay still to this 45 - no chance!


  1. I'm looking for Fly Me TO The Moon for ages.
    Has anybody this song from Mark???

    Herman van der Meij/ Toppyjazz

  2. Got it!
    It's on The Complete Rah! Session from MAi-Plus Records.
    But I need also Fly Away My Sadness.
    Riverside single R 4526.
    Who has this???