Monday, March 20, 2006

Darondo Let My People Go Luv N' Haight CD

A totally refreshing aural experience from the Bay Area specialists Luv N' Haight and a revelation on this grey day. This CD hasn't been getting hammered by me since it arrived.

To see what I mean checkout the Luv N'Haight site for a review, samples and some video of Darondo.

You can also find full reviews of the CD at In The Mix and SFGate plus there is a very interesting post on Darondo on the Soul Sides blog about how the CD came to be released with some live samples from Darondo made during an interview by Justin Torres.

Stop Press Just checking links and see that it is out of stock with Luv N' Haight - sure it will be back soon but great news that it is selling so well!!!

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