Thursday, March 02, 2006

Larry Vann & Bay Area Soul

I have recently been digging Bay Area music and this has led me to try and piece together more of that area's musical history. During a search of the Net I discovered Larry Vann who used to play drums with Marvin Holmes in his Funk Company and original Justice groups.

Larry is an extremely affable guy and I have enjoyed our chats on Bay Area soul which I will be writing up and posting as soon as I can. While talking to Larry last night I happened to mention Marvin's Salwa cut. When I first mentioned it to Larry he couldn't recall the side and I told him it was like Tower of Power meets Cold Blood. I then dug out a copy and to my surprise and an even bigger surprise to Larry there was Larry's name on the writing credits!!

Larry is still active in the music business and he now runs a company called Rusty Key Records. He has a CD out called "Rhythm & Roots Of Larry Vann which I have yet to hear but as soon as I have I will be reviewing it for the blog.

All my research on the Bay Area will be posted up on my blog in coming months including interviews with Freddie Hughes, Marvin Holmes and Jeannie Tracy.

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