Monday, March 13, 2006

Ted Ford Update

An old friend Paul Mooney contacted me after he dropped by In Dangerous Rhythm following my Ted Ford post.

Paul runs a successful copyright company Millbrand as well as working for Grapevine Records one of the leading UK reissue specialists.

Millbrand has the publishing on Ted's songs (at least his share of the songs) but last year they also accquired the other co-writer and publisher shares from the estate of Charles Spears. Millbrand also control the masters including the tracks on Budd and the Budd masters which were leased to SS7 via John Richbourg.

Ted's "Disco Music" was Paul's first venture into the music business with Ardent Records.

Paul told me that "Real Soul" and "I Can't Give You Up" were recorded at Fame Studios in late 1966 (along with other unissued masters) and the tracks which were issued on SS7 were recorded at American Sound in Memphis in '67. Ted also cut some tracks at Willie Mitchell's studio in Memphis but Paul has never heard them.


  1. Is this the same Ted Ford who recorded "Hold On To the Key" for the Atlanta based Gaye label?

  2. Hi Brian

    I think it is the same guy - I had forgotten about that track. I haven't got it myself though I think I have it on a CD-R somewhere!!

    I'll ask Paul whether he knows.


  3. Anonymous11:33 PM


    Yes, it was his first record and it was out of Atlanta. Later, the song was assigned to East Memphis Music so I assume someone at Stax may have covered it (does anyone know?) and it could be known as "Hold On To My Heart".
    At one time Atlantic were interested in Ted but nothing happened because his manager Charles 'Buddy' Spears refused to pay a cut to the middle man who I believe was Joe Galkin.


  4. Hi Paul

    I'll check out the possible Stax link with Patrick Montier on the Stax discussion group and get back.

  5. Anonymous11:06 PM

    "I Can't Give You Up" and "Real Soul" were recorded in 1969, not 1966 as previously stated in error. "Real Soul" will be featured on the forthcoming Grapevine album 'Southern Fried Funk' (GVCD 3031) which is due out in June or July.

  6. Anonymous3:02 AM

    So nice to read about ol Ted. I was his guitar player and bandleader in 67-68. We'd play up in Birmingham and Huntsville, a few dateas at the Laicos in Montgomery with Eddie Floyd. We had a blast and Ted enjoyed our little psychedelic trio. If I can give more info, please let me know.
    The group was known as The Refugees (hot name...I still use it) Victor Vick (my stage name) -guitar, Kirk Dudley - Bass Richard Broadnax- Drums. "Can't Give You Up" was a blast to hear again. It is the first one we learned. Ted was an innovator who essentially was robbed when not allowed to go to Atlantic. Que Sera, Sera. I knew Buddy too. Nice man, ran a jewelry business.